About us

Chi siamo

Agricola Forestale Carnovale is a company which specialises in the wood sector. We offer clients our experience and professionalism in the retailing and wholesale of firewood and timber.

We also offer transport of both large and small amounts of timber.


Agricola Forestale Carnovale offers a wide assortment of firewood for use in stoves, fireplaces and boilers. We also sell oak and strawberry tree wood, wood chips, pellets and coal
Firewood is a renewable and natural energy source. It is an ideal option for the environment and an economical one for consumers.


Agricola Forestale Carnovale offers timber in various sizes adapt for different uses. Our products include: partly-finished wood and chestnut supports and poles for fences and vineyards.

We offer our customers only quality timber that is rigorously selected and processed.