High quality firewood for individuals and businesses

Agricola Forestale Carnovale specialises in the production and sale of split and cut firewood for individuals, pizzerias, restaurants, bakeries, wood deposits and businesses.

We also offer timber transport. This includes vehicles equipped with tippers for the delivery of bulk wood. It also includes vehicles with cranes and electric tippers for the delivery of firewood in pallets.

Deliveries are normally made within a 40 km radius of our headquarters in Castellina in Chianti (SI). Deliveries over 40 km away from our headquarters are made exclusively for orders that meet a minimum requirement linked to a complete package amount.

Firewood is packed in:

-BAGS OF 15 l

Types of wood available:

-OAK (a great hardwood that keeps embers and heat)
-HOLLY OAK (a great hardwood that keeps embers and heat)
-BEECH (an excellent fuel wood)
-TURKEY OAK (a great hardwood that keeps embers and heat)
-ACACIA (a slow burning hardwood, good for maintaining a fire)
-HORNBEAM (used to obtain quality coal)
-ARBUTUS (a good heat-producing wood, especially used in pizzerias and in restaurants that do roasting)
-OLIVE WOOD (an aromatic hardwood, especially requested by bakeries and pizzerias) We also produce bagged coal made with oak and beech wood.

A natural and economic energy source

Wood is a natural and renewable energy source. Choosing wood as an energy option is both economical and eco-friendly.

Agricola Forestale Carnovale offers its customers only high quality wood that is properly cured and ideal for burning.